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Juice Extractor


Buying a juice extractor can be a complete minefield. Faced with so many choices, when ultimately they all do the same thing, get the juice out of your fruit for you. We already have a successful line in juicin' bricks, but our Juiceous extractus is for our more discerning customers who like a bit more bling in their lives. Made from recycled aluminium and hardened in a lengthy heating process, our juice extractors are the perfect addition to the modern kitchen. Fashioned in the shape of a syringe, and shining like a bright night star, all the hassle is taken out of juicin' is right here at your fingertips.

CONTENTS: 1 Syringe.

HOW TO USE: Place your fruit on a hard surface where it cannot roll away. With your less dominant hand hold the fruit in position. With your dominant hand pick up the juice extractor and…. let go of the fruit for a minute, okay. Pick up the juice extractor and pull the plunger on the non-needle end out as far as it will go. Now, hold the fruit in position with your less dominant hand. Insert the needle into the fruit. Ah, no, wait. Start again. Push the plunger back in. Okay. Hold the fruit with whichever hand you like. Stick the needle end of the juicer into the fruit. Now, this is the tricky part, you need to pull the plunger out as far as it will go. It will take practice, but who doesn't love a challenge? There you go, you will notice juice has been extracted into the extractor. To release the juice just push the plunger back in again and you can add it to other juices you might have in the fridge.

WARNING: Do not pierce your own skin with the needle end of the juicer.

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