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A Hairy Day

Yo dudes! Carlos here again. I want to tell you about what happened in the store the other day. Man, I was getting so tight over it I thought I’d bust a blood vessel. So, I get this phone call...

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The Complaint

My main man Peter Wiener called by the other day with some coffee and croissants, I don’t know who he thinks he is, gone all posh and the like. Anyways, we’re jus’ havin’ a chat, Wiener was jus’ sayin’ his...

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Training Day

They say no man is an Island. I don’t know why they say it, or what it really means, but I think it means we don’t work alone. Anyways, my little store has a couple of investors, they gave me...

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The Third Wheel

Yo homies! I wanna tell ya about Ginny’s birthday last week. I was dead happy that me and Gin were still together for her birthday and wanted to make it real special - she is my girlfriend after all. So,...

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Carlos Montoya vs Peter Wiener

If you know me, you’ll know my homie Peter Wiener is always playin’ pranks on me, some of the stunts he’s pulled have been a right headache. So, one day I decides it’s time to get my own back. I...

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Meeting Ginny

It’s not a coincidence I have a girlfriend called Ginny, with me runnin’ a Gin & Juice store an’ all. I wanted a girlfriend who would suit my lifestyle, you know what I mean? So I went speed dating with...

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