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Sloe Gin Timer Kit


In keeping with our ethos at Gin & Juice, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn the ancient craft of makin’ things for themselves. Also in keepin’ with our ethos of sustainable products we have scoured the country to source the finest sand from the best beaches for your timer. Everything in this kit has been recycled and will go on to be repurposed by our customers.

CONTENTS: Sand, two clear plastic baubles, a dowel, and a large matchbox.

HOW TO USE: Begin by cutting a hole slightly larger than your baubles in the top of the matchbox. Take the baubles and make a hole the size a fraction bigger than the circumference of the dowel. Take the bag of sand and cut a tiny piece off the corner of the bag. Pour the sand into one of the baubles. Insert the dowel into that bauble and then insert the second bauble. Flip the baubles around so the sand is in the top bauble and set it to rest in the hole in the matchbox. The sand will slowly trickle down to the bottom bauble. There is enough sand to fill the bottom bauble in three minutes.

DISCLAIMER: Here at Gin & Juice we cannot be held responsible for the size of the holes you make and if anything doesn’t fit together well. Use your head on this one.

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